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Ojalá means the hope that something nice and pleasant occurs in a near future.  Ojalá is also one of the most beautiful words in the Spanish languaje.

Well, we make this word happen. We simply make this word alive for those things to happen, because the experience and the years spent travelling and working with travelers out there sharpened our instinct to discover those moments.

Oh, and don’t expect to be passive and just to watch the landscape, because we will bring you on the trails, at the top of this hill or all the way down in this catacomb… walking, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, ballooning, cameling everything is good for us as long as it includes you into the reality you will visit with us, and it is sustainable.

Just one more thing we want to talk you about, and not the least one.

Tourism can be a really destructive and greedy industry that corrupts environment and relations between locals and visitors, there’s no way to negate it.

So want to be radical on our approach to do our job.

There’s a real urge to be empathic with nature and to rethink our impact by moving on this planet. We know it’s impossible and absurd to stop people of travelling,and also know that exchange in between cultures is a benefit on many levels but we seriously want to measure all our steps and offer the most sustainable tours we can.

So each provider, hotel, restaurant, product consumed will be pondered through the sustainable filter.

Looking forward discovering with you.